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Learn more about the creator of Havish Design and the journey to becoming an experienced UX specialist.


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A bit about me…

I’m a London-based UX designer that thrives on discovering the most uncomplicated way to articulate a solution, with the ultimate goal of delivering an exceptionally gratifying digital product. Conducting research, meticulously analysing the insights and translating this into an idea, be it hand-drawn sketches or a fully functioning prototype, is at the core of my process. My identity as a designer has evolved through freelance projects, short and long-term contracts, as well as full-time positions in UX. The future brings more growth through tackling new and exciting challenges that are thrown my way.

My journey as a designer…

It all began with posters, logos and illustrations for the indie music scene in Tokyo, during my time in Japan. A desire to expand beyond this, as well as looking to connect my background in psychology with a passion for design, a relationship with User Experience design started to evolve. Proficiency was built up through, self-taught skills, books, online resources and being involved in the UX community. This led to a UX/UI position at a digital media agency in Tokyo. After a few years, the decision to complete a Human-Computer Interaction MSc at UCL drove the move back to the UK. From here, a career in UX was solidified through a variety of experiences at London-based digital agencies, managing a range of projects for pharmaceutical, commercial and private sector clients.


experiences at digital design agencies, holding a UX related position.


years managing design projects, specialising in UX, UI and Web.


bespoke websites designed and built utilising user-centred design.


happy Havish Design clients, not including those managed at design agencies.

Snapshot of skills and capabilities…

UX/UI Design

  • Wireframing

  • Prototyping

  • Conceptual sketching

  • Design systems

  • Dev-ready UI design

UX Research

  • Persona creation

  • Usability testing

  • User interviews

  • Customer journey

  • Competitor analysis

Web Design

  • Web development

  • Responsive design

  • HTML, CSS and JS

  • Website maintenance

  • Analytics


  • Brand strategy

  • Branding guidelines

  • Logo design

  • Graphic design

  • Branded merchandise

Why work with me…

The growth of Havish Design and the multitude of experiences have unlocked the capability to tackle new challenges with expert skill and efficiency. Many “hats” are needed to ensure a project runs smoothly, from project management to client relationships. With this, all packaged up and tailored to your needs, you are destined for success and a highly valuable outcome. So what do you think?